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Moringa and ginger have been used for decades, in order to combat a lot of diseases and they have always yielded great results. Some recent studies have shown that when we use these two ingredients in combination and in the right portion as well, their effect will be much faster and more effective as well.

 Properties of moringa

This kind of tree is also known as the tree of life and it is part of the traditional medicine of India Ayurveda. It is actually native to India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, but thanks to its extraordinary properties, it has become so popular that it is now cultivated in a lot of other parts around the world.

1. Relief of arthritis

Moringa contributes to reducing inflammation, because of its anti – inflammatory components. In addition to this, moringa also contains some minerals, like magnesium, iron, copper, potassium or calcium, which help in strengthening the locomotor system, thus avoiding diseases in the future.

2. Protection against cancer

Clinically, it has been observed that the extract from moringa leaves inhabit the proliferation of cancer cells because it contains benzyl isothiocyanate. A lot of scientific studies have shown that this chemical compound has chemoprotective abilities against cancer.

3. Lower cholesterol

In one animal study, it was observed that the effects of the moringa can be compared with drug simvastatin to lower cholesterol – according to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

4. Headache

In the traditional Indian medicine, the leaves of moringa are used for reducing or eliminating a headache, migraine, as a result of its anti – inflammatory action. In general, moringa has an analgesic action that relieves pain.

5. High pressure

Some components, such as thiocarbamate and isothiocyanate glycosides act as hypnotists, which make it very beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

6. For the stomach

Moringa has anti ulcer effects, so because of that it is recommended for cases of stomach ulcers. This is a protective action which is also beneficial for some cases of stomach acid.

7. Protects the liver

Moringa is highly recommended for preventing liver disease, or for those people who want to recover the health of the same organ.

8. Against anemia

Moringa also contains a lot of nutrients which can prevent or even fight anemia. It is loaded with a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well.

– Properties of ginger

Ginger is actually a root which is used mostly to season foods, but this is not the end of its qualities. This powerful root is also widely used for combating various diseases, like coughs, colds, diarrhea, diabetes as well as some stomach problems.

Some recent studies have shown that the ginger root is very good in combating among other things, diabetes type 2, since it is regularly and consistently consumed and also helps to lower and control the levels of blood sugar which is responsible for this and others Evils.

1. Dizziness for travel

It is advisable to consume ginger 3 hours before boarding the plane, car, boat, and so on, in order to avoid this. It will prevent dizziness by movement, which is also called motion sickness. In some cases of long trips, some specialists recommend consuming ginger half an hour before as well as in the middle of the crossing re-ingest again. Drinking an infusion made of dried root, which is obtained in dietetics, is a great idea, or maybe mixed with fruits.

2. Chemotherapy treatment

Patients suffering from cancer consume ginger in order to reduce vomiting after a lightning strike. Remember that you should not eat it when your stomach is empty.

3. Pregnancy

Those women who are pregnant can ingest ginger in order to reduce dizziness and vomiting, in the first few months of their pregnancy. An infusion of half a teaspoon of dried root is made in a cup of water and is drunk several times per day. You should not continue this treatment for more than two months in a row.

Moreover, the ginger root also reduces the negative effects of several drugs that are used in surgeries. It should be taken one day before the surgery, of course, if you have the doctor’s authorization.

Ginger is also a good solution for preventing the appearance f ulcers because of its antibacterial power, especially a species that with its secretions alter the gastric juices. The root of the ginger also serves to balance the production of liquids inside the stomach.

Here, we are going to show you how to prepare the infusion of moringa and ginger.

Needed ingredients:

– 85 g fresh ginger;
– 10 pretty green moringa leaves;
– A teaspoon of honey (optional);
– 4 cups water.


You should first wash the ginger root very well and cut it into slices. Then boil them together with the 4 cups of water for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and add the moringa leaves, cover and let stand for 5 minutes. At the end, strain the mixture and it is ready to drink it. If you like, you can also add a teaspoon of honey.


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