You’ll Never Buy Avocado Again! How To Grow Avocado Tree In A Small Pot At Home…

You have probably seen that there are avocados everywhere. Avocados have been used almost in every meal in the restaurants as well as in the home recipes. However, it is not harmful to the human body at all, because it is loaded with Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potassium. It also contains healthy nutrients and fiber which are beneficial for the overall health.

On one side, the average price of the avocados has increased up by more than 25 % in the past year, because the markets wanted to increase their profit. On the other side, in order to save up money and to consume fresh avocados, you can grow an avocado tree in your garden. Even though a lot of people think that they need a larger space to grow a tree, it is not true. It is the contrary, growing an avocado tree is simple and does not require much space.

Avocado Tree



First, clean the seed, making sure which the top and the bottom of the seed is. In the avocado seed, stick 4 toothpicks at the same distances nearly halfway down. Then, put the seed in a glass of water, so that the toothpicks are soaked in about an inch of water.

Put the seed in a warm, but not exposed to sun, place and leave it until the roots become noticeable and the stem grows to 6 inches. It takes approximately 2 – 6 weeks when you should cut the stem to 3 inches. Before planting it, more leaves will grow and the stem should be 6 inches again.


In a plant pot (about 10 inches in diameter) make a hole, so that the plant can dry. Then, put nutrient-rich soil in the pot, thus making a hole for the avocado seed in the top. Finally, put the seed in the hole, but make sure it is not deep enough and half of the seed is visible above the soil.


After you plant the seed, put the plant pot on a sunny spot. Water it regularly, making sure that the water gets moist, not saturated.

In case the leaves become dry or turn brown, it indicates that the plant needs more water. In order to solve this problem, you should only put the plant pot under the sink, letting the water run through the soil for several minutes. At the end, remove any excess of water from the plant pot.

In case the leaves begin to fall or turn yellow, it indicates that you water the plant too much. In order to solve this problem, do not water it for several days, and after that reduce the amount of water that you give to the plant.


You should take adequate care of the tree if you want it to grow. Several years may pass before you begin to pick fruits, but when fruits grow, you will certainly be enjoying the avocados.

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